White Oak Tree (Quercus alba)

  • Broadleafed
  • Deciduous

The white oak tree (Quercus alba) is long-lived, native to eastern North America and found across a vast portion of the U.S. and Canada. White oaks have been known to live up to six hundred years. Although called a white oak, its bark is grayish and not white.

  • Alternate Common Name: None
  • Average Height: The white oak tree (quercus alba) is somewhat tall, growing to an average of 100 feet tall, but some white oaks have grown as tall as 144 feet.
  • Average Width: A white oak tree can be as wide as it is tall when grown in the open.
  • Leaf Description: Leaves are oblong in shape, 4-7 inches long with 7-10 rounded lobes. White oak tree leaves have a green to blue-green color from above, and are whitish from below.
  • Bark Description: Quercus alba bark is whitish to ashy gray and can be scaly to irregular and platy or blocky.
  • Twig Description: Quercus alba twigs are red-brown to gray and can be shiny with small and round red-brown buds.
  • Flowering: Male flowers are yellow green catkins. Female flowers are reddish-green and appear as small spikes.
  • Needle or Broadleaf: Broadleafed
  • Comments: None

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