European Alder (Alnus glutinosa)

  • Broadleafed
  • Deciduous
  • Alternate Common Name: Black alder or common alder
  • Average Height: Black alder typically grow from 60 to 100 feet tall.
  • Average Width: A black alder tree canopy is typically about 25 ft in width.
  • Leaf Description: Black alder leaves are short-stalked and rounded . When young, they are slightly glutinous, but later become shiny dark green.
  • Bark Description: European alder bark is smoother with little bumps. Typically it's more gray than brown.
  • Twig Description: Bumpy, bendable twigs.
  • Flowering: European alder flowers are wind-pollinated catkins. Typically, they are red and dark brown in color.
  • Needle or Broadleaf: Broadleafed
  • Comments: The wood of European (black) alder is soft. White when first split, then turning to a pinkish tone. The wood is durable under water and is used for pilings. Black alder tree wood is also used to help produce smoked goods.

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