Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)

  • Needlebearing
  • Evergreen
  • Alternate Common Name: Canadian hemlock
  • Average Height: Eastern or Canadian hemlock is a medium sized tree, reaching up to 80 feet tall.
  • Average Width: No data
  • Leaf Description: Eastern hemlock features flat single needles tapering to a dull point. Shiny green above with two lines of white from below.
  • Bark Description: Young bark is gray brown and smooth, turning scaly with age often showing red brown in furrows.
  • Twig Description: Canadian hemlock twigs are slender, gray-brown with small buds.
  • Flowering: Flowers of male Eastern or Canadian hemlock trees are yellow and round, females are yellow and found at branch tips.
  • Needle or Broadleaf: Needle bearing
  • Comments: None

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