Common Hackberry Tree (Celtis occidentalis)

  • Broadleafed
  • Deciduous
  • Alternate Common Name: None
  • Average Height: Typically 40 to 60 feet tall.
  • Average Width: The spread of the common hackberry tree makes it very cylindrical. 40 to 60 foot spread.
  • Leaf Description: Hackberry leaves are 3 to 5 inches long with an oblique leaf base. There are serrated margins at the leaf tip.
  • Bark Description: Mostly grayish in color has warty, bumpy raised ridges.
  • Twig Description: There a lenticels on the stems. Common hackberry stems also have a zigzag appearance.
  • Flowering: Hackberry blooms in April to early May. Blooms the same time the leaves appear.
  • Needle or Broadleaf: Broadleafed
  • Comments: Common hackberry is a very tolerant tree that is adaptable to many different conditions.

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