Callery Pear (Pyrus calleryana)

  • Broadleafed
  • Deciduous
  • Alternate Common Name: None
  • Average Height: Callery pear is a medium sized tree, growing 45 feet tall on average.
  • Average Width: Can be as wide as 20 feet with a distinct columnar growth habit in youth.
  • Leaf Description: Callery pear has medium to dark green glossy leaves, generally oval in shape.
  • Bark Description: Medium gray in color and fissuring with age.
  • Twig Description: Callery pear twigs are reddish brown and stout with large fuzzy buds.
  • Flowering: Callery pear has showy white flowers that bloom in mid to late April.
  • Needle or Broadleaf: Broadleafed
  • Comments: None

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