• Online Tree Guides for Virginia
    • A variety of on-line information guides on tree planting, community forestry, and a variety of species.
  • Ecology Club Projects and Resources
    • Provides information about a number of educational projects and resources related to the environment.
  • State Department of Forestry
    • Virginia’s State Department of Forestry.
  • State Government – Virginia
    • Virginia’s official state website.
  • The Virginia Tech Horticulture Gardens–Blacksburg
    • The one-acre Gardens complex is divided into four major areas of interest: The Annual Garden contains plants that are most showy in the summer, the Perennial Garden includes herbaceous plants that will survive through the winter, the Xerophytic Garden includes herbaceous and woody drought-tolerant species, and the Wooded Collection that includes both woody and herbaceous species.
  • Tree and Shrub Planting Guidelines
    • Provided by the Virginia Cooperative Extension, this tree planting manual takes you step-by-step through the tree selection and planting process, with information appropriate to the Virginia environment.

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