• The Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM)
    • Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM), chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a non-profit organization that reaches out to every community in the Michigan with information that is timely and critical about the proper care of trees.
  • The Greening of Detroit
    • The Greening of Detroit, is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization, established in 1989 to guide and inspire the reforestation of Detroit.
  • Adopt-a-Forest Program
    • The Adopt-a-Forest program is a coalition of public agencies (DNRE and USFS), corporations, organizations and about 8,000 volunteers throughout Michigan. Their mission is to eradicate trash that has been illegally dumped on public land. This is accomplished through education, physical cleanup, law enforcement, and alternate disposal methods.
  • Department of Entomology at Michigan State
    • Provides research, publications, courses, and other resources concerning insects.
  • Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
    • Information about the school, degrees, resources, and courses.
  • Frederik Meijer Gardens–Grand Rapids
    • 118 acre botanical garden and sculpture park.
  • Friends Of The St. Joe River Association
    • The Friends of the St. Joseph River Association Inc. works to clean and restore the St. Joe river and also all rivers, streams, and creeks that flow into the St. Joseph River.
  • Global ReLeaf of Michigan
    • Global ReLeaf of Michigan is a grass roots, volunteer, 501(c)3 not for profit organization focused on providing tree planting assistance and education for the citizens, communities and elected officials throughout Michigan.
  • Michigan Arbor Day Alliance
    • A coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day throughout Michigan.
  • Michigan Energy Options
    • Based in East Lansing, Urban Options is a nonprofit organization that helps ordinary people find local solutions to the global challenges of the environment and sustainable living.
  • Michigan State Government
    • Michigan’s official state government website.
  • Michigan United Conservation Clubs
    • This organization of over 120,000 members and 470 affiliated clubs is devoted to enhancing Michigan’s natural resources through education and promoting quality recreation.
  • The Great Lakes Information Network
    • The Great Lakes Information Network, or GLIN, provides a wide range of information relating to the Great Lakes region, including the regions environment and economy, tourism, education and more.

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