• Florida Urban Forestry Council
    • Serving as the premier non-profit organization in the state in issues pertaining to urban forestry. The Council is committed to preserving Florida’s urban forests for future generations by working with communities, state, local, and professional organizations to promote urban and community forestry initiatives and offering programs of continuing education, enhancing professionalism, and recognizing outstanding achievements in urban and community forestry.
  • Everglades Information Network
    • An information service provided in cooperation with various libraries, in support of research, restoration, and resource management.
  • Florida Chapter of the ISA
    • This website for the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture provides a calendar of events, contact information, publications, information on tree pruning and planting in Florida, and other resources.
  • Florida Division of Forestry
    • Founded in 1928, the Florida Division of Forestry mission has been to protect and manage Florida’s forest resources through a stewardship ethic to assure these resources will be available for future generations.
  • Florida Project Learning Tree
    • Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators of students in grades preK-12. This site provides information about Project Learning Tree and its programs in Florida.
  • Florida Web Resources for Urban Planning – University of Florida
    • Contains a variety of links to sites focused on environmental design, sustainable communities, and parks and preserves.
  • Give Forests a Hand
    • A community service learning program that engages groups of youth in explorations and action projects based on trees and forests. This is a project book for youth in 3rd-8th grades.
  • Grades & Standards for Nursery Plants – Florida
    • The portion of the Florida Grades and Standards manual applying to trees is provided on this site in adobe acrobat.
  • Greenscape of Jacksonville, Inc.
    • Non profit organization whose mission is to enrich the community through planting, protecting and promoting trees.
  • Tampa Forestry Division
    • The Tampa Forestry Division exists to provide a healthy and safe urban forest for all the residents of Tampa. The website includes information on projects, answers to frequently asked questions, contact information, and useful links.
  • The Tampa Bay Reforestation and Environmental Effort, Inc.
    • (T.R.E.E., Inc.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to reforesting the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida. Founded in February, 1983, T.R.E.E. Inc. has completed over 245 reforesting projects using close to 43,500 native trees and an estimated 1,600 volunteers.
  • University of Florida`s Urban Forests and Wildland-Urban Interface Program
    • As urban areas expand, homes and forests or other natural areas intermingle. These areas referred to as the wildland-urban interface (WUI), present a series of issues and challenges for natural resource professionals, policy makers, and homeowners alike. This program`s focus is to understand urban forests and their multiple functions as well as environmental quality and community well being in the WUI.

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