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Up-Star® Gold (compares to Talstar®), is a spray applied insecticide designed to control a large list of shade tree pests such as beetles and caterpillars. It is one of the few insecticides capable of controlling Lepidoptera, such as bagworm, gypsy moth, or tent caterpillars. Up-Star® Gold provides effective contact and residual control of insects on trees, lawns and ornamental settings.

Up-Star® Gold is labeled for the following tree and shrub pests:

 bagworms, leaf beetles such as Japanese Beetle, webworms (fall webworm, mimosa webworm), moth larvae (gypsy moth, zimmerman pine moth, lace bugs (azalea lacebug, sycamore lacebug), caterpillars (eastern tent caterpillar, forest tent caterpillar), adelgids, aphids, scales (including the crawler stage of: tuliptree scale, magnolia scale, euonymus scale, fletcher scale, lecanium scale, cottony maple scale, calico scale, San Jose scale, European elm scale, pine needle scale, obscure scale, elongate hemlock scale, cryptomeria scale), leafhoppers, leaf rollers, mealybugs, psyllids, plant bugs, spider mites, thrips, spittlebugs, tip moths, treehoppers, weevils (white pine weevil), whiteflies, and pine shoot beetle

Wondering how much you need?

• See the Up Star Gold Product Guide for more information and a rate card.

• Use the rate card to determine whether to use the high or low rate. For low rate applications mix 1.59 mL of product with one gallon of water, for high rate applications mix 12.83 mL in one gallon of water.

• One gallon of product yields 590-1,185 gallons of foliar spray solution, one quart yields 148-296 gallons.

Application Type(s)

Foliar Spray

Active Ingredient



Applications can begin as insects become visible or are present. Repeat application as necessary to achieve control.

Note: Up-Star® Gold should not be applied more than once every seven days.

Note: This product cannot be sold in the following states: Not available in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Up Star Gold is available in the following sizes/variations.

The Tree Geek

1 quart (230)
Price: $34.97

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Not all products are available for sale in all states.  Make sure that any product you intend to purchase is registered for use in your state, and that you have all of the required licenses to apply the product purchased.  Any recommendations made by the tree geek website or its employees are based on limited knowledge of your area and are for informational purposes only.  Always seek advice from a local professional if you are not sure of your tree or pest identity.

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16 Responses to Up Star Gold

  1. Andrew Eliason says:

    I request treatment instructions for Black Terpentine Beetle infection in pitch pine. The trees are already damaged and have Larvae beneath the bark.

    • Andrew,

      Tengard and Up Star ECTT&O are probably better choices for black turpentine beetle infestations. Things to consider as well are that these insects only get established in severely stressed trees, a combination of preventative treatments with bark and limb sprays and a watering program can keep healthy trees from being attacked. Once an infestation is already severely established, it is unlikely that insecticide treatments will be effective.

      I hope this helps!

  2. John Marquardt says:

    Can a Spruce tree survive a bagworm infestation,(discovered late summer), or should it be replaced? I’ve physically removed and incinerated hundreds so far.

    • Shaun says:

      Depending on the severity of the bagworm infestation, trees can survive. Just be sure to be proactive next year. Treatments are best applied in June.

  3. jim says:

    I have white pines not a lot though,yet but does this stuff go bad or can I still use it the following year it’s for bagworms right now I spray with malathion mid may and again In june what do you think.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      We generally say that an open container of the product has a shelf life of one growing season if kept in a cool, dry place.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Bifen is an effective product for termites. Re-treatment will likely be necessary, we recommend re-treatment on 7 to 14 day cycles, or ass necessary (you must, however, wait 7 days to reapply).

  4. Gail says:

    I have a Ficus hedge surrounding my property that is infested with white flies. Will Up Star Gold help eliminate these flies while the root soaking takes effect?

  5. reta says:

    I have the EASTERN TENT Catterpillers in my Apple trees and they are bad I have Removed tem now can I just treat my trees and get rid of them for good or will they keep coming back?????…thank you Reta

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Our experience with Eastern Tent Caterpillars is that their populations tend to increase and decrease in cycles. You probably won’t be able to get rid of them for good (there’s always a chance that they come back) but removing them and treating the tree this year will certainly help keep their numbers low next year, and you could consider treating annually to continue that process.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Dee,

      The best advice we can give you is to measure the diameter of the tree trunk at 4.5 feet off the ground (The circumference is the distance around the trunk, take that measurement then divide by 3.14 to get the diameter) and use that measurement to calculate how much product you’d need- about .5 gallons of a solution of water and Upstar Gold per diameter inch of tree. For instance, if you have a 15 inch diameter tree, it would take about 7.5 gallons of solution to spray the tree effectively. The rate for bagworm is 1.59 to 3.59 ml per gallon, so your 7.5 gallons of solution would use between 12 and 27 ml of Upstar Gold, or .2 and .9 ounces of product with 7.5 gallons of water. If you have 30 trees, you’d need 27 ounces at the highest allowable rate for bag worm, so a quart will probably cover you, unless the trees are significantly larger than 15 inches in diameter. If you measure the trees, head over to http://www.thetreegeek.com/wp-content/uploads/TreeGeek_UpStarGoldProductGuide.pdf to get an idea of how much water you’ll need to cover the tree based on size, but usually half a gallon per DBH inch is a good rule of thumb.

      • Dee says:

        I’m terrible at math, but my trees are large — over three feet in diameter and a couple are four feet. Unless you are talking about the diameter of the trunk! Which should I measure?

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