M-Pede Insecticidal Soap

  • Foliar Spray

M-Pede® insecticidal soap is an OMRI listed organic insecticide and fungicide for the control of mites, aphids and powdery mildew. Its formulation is based on potassium salts of naturally derived fatty acids that have been optimized for insect activity. M-Pede effectively controls many soft-bodied pests, but is low in toxicity to non-target organisms.

M- Pede® insecticidal soap is labeled for the following tree and shrub insects:

  • Adelgid, ants, aphids, buck moth, earwig, elm leaf beetle, sawfly, gypsy moth, Japanese beetle, lace bugs, leafhopper, mealybug, rust mite, phylloxera, spider mite, shore fly, plant bug, psyllid, scale, tent caterpillar, exposed thrips, whitefly and powedry mildew.

Most effective on mites and aphids. See the M-Pede Product Label for pest-specific instructions.

One 2.5 gallon container of M-Pede® makes 125 gallons of finished solution at the high rate and 250 gallons at the low rate.

More information and a rate card are available in the M-Pede Product Guide.

Use the rate card to determine whether to use the high or low rate. For low rate applications mix 19 mL of product with one gallon of water, for high rate applications mix 152 mL in one gallon of water.

Application Type(s)

Foliar Spray


Applications can be made as soon as pest is observed or as needed to avoid plant injury. Repeat applications at 7 – 14 day intervals, if needed, to control infesting or increasing pest populations.

Note: Do not make repeat applications at less than 7 day intervals, or make more than 3 sequential applications at 7 – 14 day intervals.

M-Pede Insecticidal Soap is available in the following sizes/variations.

M-Pede Insecticidal Soap

2.5 gallons (219)
Price: $121.49

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