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Lucid® (active ingredient abamectin 2%, compare to Avid® 0.15EC) is a foliar sprayed miticide designed to control the adult and nymph stages of both spider mites and eriophyid mites.

Mites are significant pests of shade trees and may cause disfiguring growths on trees, as well as reduce their aesthetic value. Lucid® is rain fast, odorless, and is formulated to provide maximum leaf uptake for longer residual control.

Lucid® is labeled for the following mites:

European red mite, two-spotted spider mite, Carmine spider mite, southern red mite, spruce spider mite, rust mites, and bud mites

One quart of Lucid® makes 800 gallons of finished solution.

For more information and a rate card, see the Lucid Product Guide.

Use the rate card to determine whether to use the high or low rate. For low rate applications mix 1.25 mL of product with one gallon of water, for high rate applications mix 2.5 mL in one gallon of water.

Application Type(s)

Foliar Spray


Applications can be made as soon as mites appear and prior to leaf damage or discoloration. Repeat applications as necessary to maintain control.

Note: This product cannot be sold in the following states: AL, AK, AR, LA, MS , MT, NM, NV, ND, OK, PR, SD, UT, WY, Not available in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Lucid is available in the following sizes/variations.

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1 quart (1107)
Price: $109.20

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13 Responses to Lucid

      • alysha pritchard says:

        I have these little bright red bugs all over my back porch and table out side i have not seen any inside…
        and i lay down and feel like i am being bitten by fleas but no bit marks i sit out side alot could these little red bugs be biting me and me not know it and what are these bugs?

  1. Tom says:

    problem with burning bushes. I think I get two spotted mites not sure. After they cover plants I lose all leaves. what can I do

  2. BLANCA DE LEON says:

    I bee infest supose with Black o biting mites, after my treep to Brasil. 3 months after know , i found my self my husband and son 26 years, Ibeen seen thes tiny bugs in my skin, some of them stuck, like suking o laying an egg, have no idea , last nigt, tire of the itching, i stared passing a tape, all over my body and Ifound its a hundres living laying in my sking because whend i pull the tape , they are availeble to come out, 2 I went to see dermatologist even to the hospital for Tropical infastations, they dont know, they treatme like allergies. My dr. gave me permetrine and it dosent work,they live bites, scamous , hard to heel. dr. We are desperades please help us. thanks.

    • Ana says:

      Hi. I am having the same problem in US about 2 years,
      I did everything : exterminators, cleaning, vacuuming, spraying myself.
      Please help

      • The Tree Geek says:

        Hi! Our specialty is dealing with insect issues relating to trees. I would recommend contacting a structural pest control company in your area.

  3. Isaac Campbell says:

    I just used Lucid on the Hemp Russet Mite today. They are tough little *%$@#’s.. Hope it works. Could you explain to us consumers (users) rather exactly why it is banned from so many different States? Thank you. IC

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