• Low Volume Macro Infusion
  • M3 Micro Infusion
  • Soil Injection

Lepitect is a unique soil injection insecticide that provides rapid systemic control of many key shade tree pests. One application will give 30 days of efficacy for lepidopteron larvae such as gypsy moth, fall webworm, cankerworms, and bagworms. Lepitect™ is also a great tool for management of spider mites and leaf feeders, including Japanese beetles. In compliance with the label Lepitect needs to be applied either via soil injection or trunk injection.

Lepitect™  is labeled for the following tree and shrub insects:

Adelgids, aphids, bagworms, birch leafminer, boxelder bug, browntail moth, budworms, cankerworm, casebearer, cone worms, east oak looper, eastern tent caterpillar, elm spanworm, fall cankerworm, fall webworm, flatheaded borers, gall midges, gypsy moth, japanese beetle, lace bugs, leaf beetles, leafhoppers, leafminers, leafrollers, linden looper, mealybug, nantucket pine tip moth, oakworms, pine cone worm, pine needle miners, pine tip moth, plant bugs, poplar tentmaker, root weevil, sawfly, scales, spider mites, spring cankerworm,tent caterpillar, thrips, tussock moth, variable oakleaf caterpillar, walnut caterpillar webworms, winter moth, white flies, white pine weevil, whitemarked tussock moth, and yellownecked caterpillar.

Lepitect™ comes in two forms

  • The soil injected form of Lepitect treats 25 inches of tree diameter (DBH) at the high rate and 50 inches at the low rate.
  • The tree injected form of Lepitect treats 71 inches of diameter (DBH).

For more information and a rate card, see the Lepitect Product Guide.

Use the rate card to determine how much product to use. Lepitect is a tricky product to apply, if you would like help determining how much product to use contact The Tree Geek at 888-637-6694 for help.

Application Type(s)

Low Volume Macro Infusion,M3 Micro Infusion,Soil Injection


Applications can be made to actively growing plants just prior to or when insects first appear.

Note: Do not apply Lepitect™ more than once per month.

Note: This product cannot be sold in the following states: AL, MS, NM, NV, PR. Pesticide Applicators License Required in New York. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Lepitect is available in the following sizes/variations.


10 oz pouch (1111)
Price: $80.17

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20 7.5 gram packets (1112)
Price: $152.97

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Not all products are available for sale in all states.  Make sure that any product you intend to purchase is registered for use in your state, and that you have all of the required licenses to apply the product purchased.  Any recommendations made by the tree geek website or its employees are based on limited knowledge of your area and are for informational purposes only.  Always seek advice from a local professional if you are not sure of your tree or pest identity.

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