Diehard Injectable

  • Soil Injection

Diehard Injectable is formulated to treat mature and newly planted landscape trees and shrubs with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi with root injection equipment.  The results are quick colonization of roots with beneficial mycorrhizae to provide a boost in the overall health of the tree.

Mix the contents of each 8oz pouch with 100 gallons of water. Inject on a 2 1/2 or 3-foot grid pattern.

Application Type(s)

Soil Injection


Applications can be made at any time the ground is not frozen or saturated.

Diehard Injectable is available in the following sizes/variations.

Diehard Injectable

Diehard Injectable (503)
(4) 8-ounce pouches
Price: $162.50

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Diehard Injectable

Diehard Injectable (502)
12, 8 ounce pouches
Price: $487.50

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