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Cambistat® (paclobutrazol 22.3%) is a growth regulator used to extend the life of trees by keeping them at a manageable size for longer. Research shows that Cambistat® gently slows the growth of trees, allowing the tree to redirect some of its energy from canopy growth into defense chemicals, fibrous root production, and stored energy. This reallocation of energy results in a healthier, more durable tree. Tree growth regulators are used for controlling the growth of large trees in small growing sites and for smaller trees where the desire is to keep them smaller. Many urban trees must be removed when they outgrow their living space.

Reducing the amount of tree growth can help you:

  • Safely maintain the visual appeal of the landscape.
  • Reduce the amount of live wood pruning required.
  • Prevent premature overcrowding of competing trees.
  • Maintain a smaller, more appropriate tree size when there is a restricted root zone.
  • Maintain vista views with less frequent pruning.
  • Extend the time in between pruning events.
  • Minimize intrusion by power companies.

Additional Cambistat Benefits

As a result of growth reduction, some favorable changes occur that enhance the durability of your tree to the stresses associated with living in an urban yard. These include:

  • Stimulate fine root production
  • Improve drought and heat resistance
  • Higher tolerance to certain diseases

Cambistat® Treats

  • The 2 Liter treats 120 diameter inches at the highest rate and 317 inches at the lowest rate.

Additional information, including dosage considerations, a tree reference guide, and a rate card are included in the Cambistat® Product Guide

Application Type(s)

Soil Drench

Active Ingredient



Applications of Cambistat® can be made anytime during the growing season as long as the ground is not frozen or saturated with water.

Note: This product cannot be sold in the following states: HI, PR, RI, SD, Pesticide Applicators License required in New York Not available in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cambistat is available in the following sizes/variations.


2 Liter (3102)
Price: $319.87

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