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Cambistat® (paclobutrazol 22.3%) is a growth regulator used to extend the life of trees by keeping them at a manageable size for longer. Research shows that Cambistat® gently slows the growth of trees, allowing the tree to redirect some of its energy from canopy growth into defense chemicals, fibrous root production, and stored energy. This reallocation of energy results in a healthier, more durable tree. Tree growth regulators are used for controlling the growth of large trees in small growing sites and for smaller trees where the desire is to keep them smaller. Many urban trees must be removed when they outgrow their living space.

Reducing the amount of tree growth can help you:

  • Safely maintain the visual appeal of the landscape.
  • Reduce the amount of live wood pruning required.
  • Prevent premature overcrowding of competing trees.
  • Maintain a smaller, more appropriate tree size when there is a restricted root zone.
  • Maintain vista views with less frequent pruning.
  • Extend the time in between pruning events.
  • Minimize intrusion by power companies.

Additional Cambistat Benefits

As a result of growth reduction, some favorable changes occur that enhance the durability of your tree to the stresses associated with living in an urban yard. These include:

  • Stimulate fine root production
  • Improve drought and heat resistance
  • Higher tolerance to certain diseases

Cambistat® Treats

  • The 2 Liter treats 120 diameter inches at the highest rate and 317 inches at the lowest rate.

Additional information, including dosage considerations, a tree reference guide, and a rate card are included in the Cambistat® Product Guide

Application Type(s)

Soil Drench

Active Ingredient



Applications of Cambistat® can be made anytime during the growing season as long as the ground is not frozen or saturated with water.

Note: This product cannot be sold in the following states: HI, PR, RI, SD, Pesticide Applicators License required in New York Not available in Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cambistat is available in the following sizes/variations.


2 Liter (3102)
Price: $319.87

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Not all products are available for sale in all states.  Make sure that any product you intend to purchase is registered for use in your state, and that you have all of the required licenses to apply the product purchased.  Any recommendations made by the tree geek website or its employees are based on limited knowledge of your area and are for informational purposes only.  Always seek advice from a local professional if you are not sure of your tree or pest identity.

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21 Responses to Cambistat

  1. Paul Crombie says:

    Question: will cambistat help with tree survival post transplant ? Can it be used with transplanting large trees for root development? Thankyou

    • The Tree Geek says:

      For Mango, we recommend using the “C” application rate. You should not consume the fruits from the treated trees for one year after treatment.

  2. Ron Clarke says:

    Is Cambiastst used to eliminate or deminish cottonwood seed development. We can not use Florel on our tree and need something to stop the seed development. It was horrible last year. Thanks

  3. allie says:

    how long in advance should this be applied before a stressful construction project is scheduled to commence? I am recommending it for a large coast live oak very close to pier foundation excavations for a home.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      I would wait for the construction to finish, then use Cambistat afterwards in conjunction with cultural practices such as mulch to create a favorable environment for recovery from the stress of construction.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Research on palms is still limited. To my knowledge, it works pretty good on a few, but has not been tested on Areca.

  4. Dave Sudduth says:

    We have a crabapple that was recently treated with Cambistat (fire blighted). A day or two later a near by healthy burning bush shriveled up and died. Could this have been caused by the Cambistat?.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Dave,

      I would doubt that this would be the problem. If trees or shrubs over regulate the signs are tiny dark green leaves, and Cambistat doesn’t move through the soil much, so unless the shrub is near where the product was applied I would rule it out.

  5. David says:

    Can the product be used for white pine, and if so how effective is it in improving root growth? These pines had root damage done from construction and I want to see about recommending it for improving rootgrowth.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi David,

      Cambistat would be a great tool in mitigating construction damage by increasing fibrous root growth. However, pines in general are fairly tolerant of the growth control aspect, but the secondary benefits will benefit the tree in handling the increased stress.

  6. darcy cotant says:

    We just transplanted 12 norway spruces into our landscape; they were given ample space, however, we want to maintain their current dense compact appearance and would rather keep them under 40′ tall at full maturity. Would this product be helpful at achieving this, and if so what kind of application schedule would you recommend? They are 12′ tall trees.

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Darcy,

      Cambistat is a great tool in reducing the growth of trees while keeping them full. However, the control it shows on spruce trees is not as great as with other trees. It may reduce the growth a little, but may not live up to your expectations. Trying it out will still provide you with the secondary benefits of increased fibrous root growth, drought tolerance, and increased chlorophyll production.

  7. Mike says:

    In lieu of cutting down a 20-year old buroak and a 30+ year cedar elm within 5 feet of 19-year-old home concrete slab, I am considering the possibility of slowing root growth to minimize root invasion towards and under urban home concrete slab (west side-buroak and east side-cedar elm). The product states “Stimulate fine root production.” Does the product slow root growth or stimulate it?

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Mike,

      Cambistat will increase fibrous root production, but the research has not been done to study woody root growth. There have been some circumstantial claims that they do in fact slow woody root growth as well, but I cannot say this with any degree of certainty.

  8. Michael Hoyt says:

    Hi! I’m looking for the chart with Cambistat application rates. I have six large pittosporum trees, plus 3 live oaks. How much Cambistat should I apply? (I’m in Mill Valley, California, just north of San Francisco).

    • The Tree Geek says:

      Hi Michael,

      Rates will vary depending on the diameter of the tree at 4.5′ from the ground. IF you would like you can send in your diameter measurements to and we would be happy to do the math for you.

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