Royal Palm Bug

What is Royal Palm Bug?

Royal Palm Bug, Xylastodoris luteolus, is a destructive insect pest of Cuban royal palms in the southern third of Florida.  This insect feeds on freshly opened leaves, giving infested trees a yellow, tattered appearance.  Although royal palm bug is rarely fatal, its damage can be unsightly and can quickly warrant treatment.

Treatment Strategy

Optrol ™ is a long lasting, soil applied, systemic insecticide that can be applied at virtually any time.  With just one application that lasts a full year in the tree, Optrol™ is able to move into the leaves and control royal palm bug where it is feeding.  Preventative treatments are best applied in the winter (November-February) when insect activity is reduced to protect newly emerging foliage in the spring.  Reapply annually to maintain protection.

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Royal Palm Bug Treatment Option 1

Application Type – Soil Drench

DIY Equipment Needed: 

Optrol ™

• Measuring or diameter tape

• Gloves

• Soil Drench: bucket or watering can; shovel or trowel

How Is It Spread?


In the spring, females lay their eggs along the midribs of emerging folded leaflets.  Eggs hatch in 8-9 days and mature within a month, coinciding with the emergence of new leaves on royal palms.  Multiple generations of royal palm bugs occur each year.

Susceptible Trees

Cuban royal palms


  • Dispersed yellow spotting on the underside of leaf surfaces.
  • Brownish streaking, tattering, and wilting of leaves.

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