Watch EAB Spread Through the Twin Cities

Emerald Ash Borer populations grow exponentially as they infest new areas.  We’ve seen it happen in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.  It moves out from the epicenter in waves, generally through natural movements, but occasionally it’s helped along by people who move infected wood outside of the range the little bugs can fly (DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD!  Buy it where you’re going burn it!)  This map from the Minneapolis Star Tribune below is a very interesting look at the current state of Emerald Ash Borer confirmed locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

And remember, The Tree Geeks are here to help you with your Emerald Ash Borer concerns and questions.  We have a ton more information over on our EAB page, or you can give us a call at 888-637-6694, or email us at

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