Prevent Spring Pests with Fall Treatments

Although most insects emerge in the spring, fall is a great time to apply systemic insecticides to prevent infestations next year.  If you experienced a pest problem this past spring or summer, proactive fall treatments will help you keep persistent spring insects at bay.

How is it even possible for insecticides to stick around through the winter and still protect your tree next spring?  Xytect is armed with an active ingredient that binds tightly to soil organic matter, stays in the soil without degrading, and is water soluble enough that a tree can take it up once the ground thaws in the spring.

Early spring feeding insects that are best managed by fall Xytect™ applications include:

Other insects that are controlled by Xytect whether applied in the spring or fall include:

Xytect is available through the Tree Geek in 8 oz., quart or gallon sizes.

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