Love Your Trees SALE!

Love Your Trees SALE!


Sale ends February 19, 2018

Sale - Optrol Insecticide

Optrol Insecticide

$42.50 $36.55!

Optrol™ is a broad spectrum insecticide used to control a wide variety of insect pests including emerald ash borerJapanese beetle, and Asian longhorn beetle. Learn More

Sale - Transtect Insecticide

Transtect Insecticide

2 Pack: $64.86 $55.78!

Transtect™ (compares to Safari®) is a systemic insecticide that provides season-long control of a broad spectrum of pests such as emerald ash borerhemlock woolly adelgidtwo-lined chestnut borer, and bronze birch borer. Learn More

 Sale - Alamo Fungicide

Alamo Fungicide

Quart: $83.20 $70.55!

Alamo® is a tree injected systemic propiconazole fungicide used for the management of oak wilt and laurel wilt disease. Learn More



Quart: $78.75 $67.73!

Myclotect is a local systemic fungicide effective on a broad range of common fungal pathogens that may cause unsightly leaf damage, thinning canopies, and a generally weakened and stressed appearance. Learn More

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