Find An Arborist Near You

Looking for a professional to come out to your yard, assess your trees or possibly make recommendations about your tree’s health care? Check with either the ISA or TCIA to find an ISA certified arborist near you. With an ISA certification, you know your trees are in good hands.  If you are still not sure, contact the tree geek for a personal recommendation.

Common Questions for Tree Diagnosis

So, once you’ve contacted an arborist, don’t feel as though you have be an expert on trees to carry on a conversation during the consultation. Here is a list of questions a tree-loving guy or gal might ask you:

  1. What concerns do you have?
  2. Would you like to save the tree if possible?
  3. Have you used herbicide in the area?
  4. Has there been any construction on the site?
  5. What region to you live in?
  6. Are there any physical obstacles? Septic systems, gas lines, hydro lines…
  7. How would you like to be contacted? Email, phone, time of day?
  8. Can you send us a photograph of the problem area and of the whole tree?

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