Top Reasons to Shop with

  1. Fast, Free Shipping. We are glad to offer free shipping within the 48 continental U.S. states on most items. We also offer customer pick-up at our Minnetonka headquarters. We also pick-up returns for you.
  2. No-Hassle Returns. If you order a product and decide you don’t want it, if it’s not opened, it can be sent back to us in its original packaging.
  3. Knowledgeable Sales Staff. We only hire the best. Thus, the Tree Geek team is unmatched in tree expertise. Having started as an off-shoot of a national tree care company, we’ve been there, done that. We boast one of the largest staffs of ISA Certified Arborists in the country. Sorry, but you can’t find that on eBay. When you call us for advice on tree health treatments and tree care products, you and your trees are in excellent hands.
  4. Low Prices. We sell professional grade products at the best price possible to the DIY market, making expert tree care affordable to all.
  5. In-Depth Tree Problem and Tree Product Info. We provide only scientifically-proven methods for treating your trees. Basically, we won’t recommend it if we wouldn’t do it. We are building the most in-depth website in the country – maybe the world – on tree health solutions. Learn from our hundreds of pages of tree care problems, tree health product guides and protocol sheets. Make the right decision for your tree care.
  6. Huge Selection. We offer a wide spectrum of products that will treat even the toughest tree problems. As the leading developer of products for the tree care industry nationwide, we know what works and what you need to get the job done right the first time.
  7. Guarantee. Some say “In life there are no guarantees.” We disagree. We offer a 100% customer delighted-satisfaction guarantee.
  8. Product Knowledge. We won’t sell if it we wouldn’t recommend it to our own family. We make it our business to stay current in the industry, up-to-date with all our products, including manuals for each product. Our staff members are well-versed in all of our products and application guides. We understand it can be time consuming to research all the options you have and we are more than happy to take your call or email and walk you through your options.
  9. Nationwide shipping. We have multiple warehouses located conveniently throughout the country to get our great products to you as quickly as possible.
  10. Need Help? Tech Support/Customer Service.  Fill out our Tree Diagnostic Form
  11. Secure Shopping. store is secured with SSL certificates provided by GeoTrust, the world’s #1 provider of security products for online retailers. Our SSL certificates have a 99%+ browser compatibility assurance and cover you for insurance up to $150,000, giving you excellent peace of mind.
  12. We Offer Consulting Services. Not quite sure where to start? Have a big lot of trees and feeling overwhelmed? We can help, and love to get outside. Call us for more information about our ability for onsite consulting services, group talks and webinars.
  13. It’s Easy. Shopping online is awesome. No lines, shop in your pjs, multi-task, whatever, but order from home or office and get on with your day.
  14. Privacy. is committed to protecting individual privacy and securing the personal information you entrust with us.
  15. Industry Leader. We are unmatched in our commitment to science, integrity, standards of excellence, quality products, tree health product and tree problem info and customer service.
  16. Efficiency. We have set-up customized, exactingly efficient operations in our state-of-art warehouses to maximize savings while minimizing transit time and shipping costs.
  17. We are Growing like Trees! Watch us as we add new tree health products, protocols and features over the next months and years to come.

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