About Us

Dr. BirchThe Tree Geeks are a group of passionate certified arborists who are committed to bringing the latest professional tree health science to the world in the service of helping people save trees.  We are dedicated to this mission and are here to serve others in achieving these goals. This site supports our commitment to ongoing field research, and our loving families with dollars we earn from selling arborceutical products.  Our focus is treating trees, but we also offer other products that are used around the yard.  We appreciate your support. It is our commitment that any treatment protocol we recommend is based in research and provides predictable results.  If we do not believe that there is a treatment available for a problem or that there is not sufficient research behind a potential protocol, we will not make a recommendation.  Any protocol we recommend will be backed by solid research. Our mission is to save 1 million trees – it is also to have very satisfied, delighted customers. We know that we need your support and without you satisfied, we cannot do what we love to do – be tree geeks. Please let us know about anything that concerns you or if we can do something to serve you better. Contact us.

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